Pravar Engineering Company
Paravar Engineering Company was established in 1995 by the efforts of a group of experienced managers of the oil industry, each of whom had spent many years of their lives in the implementation of the big and planned goals of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, with the aim of creating an expert engineering group that It was formed to be able to plan and carry out engineering studies of the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry and perform tasks at the international standard level.
By having experienced experts as well as up-to-date and needed hardware and software, this company has the necessary capabilities and capabilities to carry out upstream and downstream projects in the oil industry. With its wide range of expertise, Paravar Engineering Company can provide engineering services including the preparation of oil and gas field development plans, preparation of MDP, survey studies, preparation of technical and economic justification reports, conceptual design, basic engineering, detailed engineering, purchasing services, construction supervision. , launch, improve process methods and also provide management, planning and project control.
Over the past years, relying on the experience and technical knowledge of its managers, this company has succeeded in designing, planning and carrying out comprehensive engineering studies in various upstream and downstream sectors of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, while complying with all international standards. Al-Mulalli has tried hard and diligently to implement the projects on time and to satisfy the client.